Tidbits from CairnShire


Your puppy's stool should be similar in size and appearance to a tootsie roll.

     Common causes of diarrhea                     Treatment for common diarrhea

      Too much food                                                    Plain yogurt

      Quick Change in you puppy's food                     Liquid Imodium 

      Stress                                                                  Pumpkin

      Too many goodies                                               Pedialyte



These very inexpensive Bolis or Snakitos Ice Pops are great for your puppy, your kids and even yourself. I break them in half and use only the rounded end. I fill it with water and freeze it. These are the perfect size and shape to get into the back of your furby's mouths to reach those back teeth, and what he doesn't drink/eat is no big deal it is such a small amount of water.



Your puppy has received the entire series of the puppy vaccination, DHPP. He is covered for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. The next vaccine he will need is his rabies, I recommend waiting until he is at least 6 month for this vaccine.



Neutering/spaying your furby is as hot a topic as ever. Obviously if you are not showing or breeding, you will want to have this done. When? Animal Shelter says as young as 8 weeks!!! Your vet will probably recommend 4-6 months. Due to the necessity of hormones for growth and maturation, I believe that the best time is after 16 months.