House Training Tips from CairnShire

Your puppy will be a family member for quite a number of years, he must have good manners in the home and out. If you are like me you will want to have your puppy with you all the time and take him everywhere and his good manners are required for him to be welcome. Housetraining is teaching your puppy the rules they must live by. Only you can decide what the puppy will and won't be allowed to do. You have to decide if the puppy will be allowed to get up on furniture or will have his own “furniture”. The puppy will not know the difference between the old couch in the family room and your new living room suite. You have to decide which rooms will be off-limits to your puppy and then make them inaccessible to the puppy. He should not be allowed to jump on visitors, or bark excessively, when on outings he must walk on the leash without pulling, sit, stop, down, and here.  In other words, you set down the rules and then teach the puppy to follow them. This is easier said than done. You must be consistent. Once is a habit for a puppy, so remember what is cute for a puppy may not be so cute when he grows up. Be firm, but not harsh with your puppy. Puppies learn more with kindness than with cruelness. Set down the rules, be consistent, and forgive mistakes. Set your puppy up to win. Your puppy will grow up to be the perfect roommate.