It is a common misconception that grooming a Cairn Terrier requires a great deal of time, effort, and skill. This is true for Show Grooming where the ideal is to produce a perfectly sculptured, faultless example of the breed. The amount of time, effort, and skill required to meet the basic goals of health, hygiene, and appearance, however, are far more modest. As you see you from my shopping cart below, you can purchase all the tools you will need to complete basic grooming for your Cairn Terrier for around $30


Brush your dog’s coat with a pin brush at least once per week. Carefully brush the entire coat in the opposite direction of hair growth to loosen dead hair from the undercoat.  Begin with his head and then brush the rest of his body. working against the grain.  Now brush with the grain to smooth the coat.


Some Cairns have more hair growth in the ear canal than others. If needed, remove the excessive hair by pulling it and then use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to remove any remaining dirt or wax. All dogs should have their ears cleaned regularly with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, damp, not drenched and dripping.


It is generally easiest to trim your dog's nails while he is lying down. Find the quick by looking at the underside of his nail towards the tip. The nail should form a triangular shape with two outer "walls." There is no quick at this point, making it safe to cut. Look at the cross section of the nail between each cut. The center will turn a fleshy white to gray color when you are getting close to the quick. Line up your trimmers by placing the edge of the blade upon the nail at the "cut line." Squeeze the trimmers in one swift, deliberate motion. Avoid cutting if the dog is moving (which may be easier said than done).


Keep your dog's eyes healthy, bright and clear. A clear mucus secretion is normal and should be wiped away daily as needed with a soft, damp cloth.


The best way to keep your pals teeth clean and healthy is with regular brushings with a dog shaped toothbrush and dog toothpaste. Like us, it is best to brush his teeth twice a day. Once brushing becomes part of his routine, he will come to expect and even enjoy it. Taking care of his teeth at home will save you money at the Vet on teeth cleanings and save your dog from plaque,  tartar, infection, tooth decay and eventually can lead to severe infection and even become life threatening. Below are some home remedies to assist in the fight for your dog's clean teeth Prescription dog food and water treatments, but brushing is the best defense. The slideshow below will help you with how to get your dog used to having his teeth brushed and how to do it. .