Week 1

Within a few days of breeding, the sperm reaches the egg and fertilization occurs.

Week 4

Puppy’s spinal cord is developing, and the fetuses are beginning to grow facial features.

Week 2

Fertilized eggs make their way to the uttering horns for implantation.

Week 3

Implantation has taken place and the puppy begins to develop.

Week 5

Pups develop their sex organs and begin to look like puppies. The leg buds lengthen and develop toes.

Week 6

Pups continue to grow and pigmentation begins to develop.
The eyes have lids now and will remain closed until approximately 10 days after birth.

Week 7

Puppies are well developed and now gaining size and weight in preparation for birth.
Mom may have colostrum now.
Mom is definitely tired. Time to set up the whelping box.

Week 8

The pups have fur and are crowded in the uterus. You may see a lot of movement as the pups get in position for birth.
The mom may begin digging in her whelping box. This is normal nesting behavior.

At 6 weeks your vet can perform an ultrasound to estimate the nimber of pups

58-63 days you will have a newborn litter of puppies.